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Install Toolchain

arm-toolchain-3.4.3.tar.gz을 다운받은 뒤 아래의 순서대로 설치한다. 경우에 따라서는 사용자 환경에 맞게 변경하여 설치한다.

  1. make directory /usr/local/arm
mkdir /usr/local/arm
  1. Install toochain
# tar zxvf arm-toolchain-3.4.3.tar.gz
# cp -rf usr/ /usr/local/arm/arm-gcc-W5300
  1. Setting toochain path:
//Add below path in **.bashrc**  
export PATH=/usr/local/arm/arm-gcc-W5300/bin::$PATH
//then sourcing the bashrc file
# source .bashrc
  1. Verify: type arm and press TAB
    ~$ arm
    arm2hpdl             arm-linux-gcc        arm-linux-objdump
    arm-linux-addr2line  arm-linux-gcc-3.4.3  arm-linux-ranlib
    arm-linux-ar         arm-linux-gccbug     arm-linux-readelf
    arm-linux-as         arm-linux-gcov       arm-linux-run
    arm-linux-c++        arm-linux-gdb        arm-linux-size
    arm-linux-c++filt    arm-linux-ld         arm-linux-strings
    arm-linux-cpp        arm-linux-nm         arm-linux-strip
    arm-linux-g++        arm-linux-objcopy    
  2. Compile Linux kernel
    # tar zxvf linux-
    # cd linux-
    # cp ../w5300e01-config-v01 .config
    # make wizImage
    # or make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux- wizImage -j8

NEXT: Note2 – Hardware Connections

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