Halloween-spiration for some paw-some costumesl!

Halloween-spiration for some paw-some costumes.

#Becky Sten@Adafruit이 최근 #Wearable관련 발표를 OSH2014 Rome에서도 발표했어고 그이에 이 Makefair2014 Rome에서는 Adafuit&Adruino가 Wearable분야에 협력하기로 했었죠. Platform은 #Arduino Gemma! 뭐 그 뒤에는 Atmel!ArduinoGemma

Imagination launches the world’s smallest GPU for Android Wear


Mainstream wearables Soc

Imagination launches the world’s smallest GPU for Android Wear.


Imagination Technologies has introduced a new PowerVR GPU that is targeted specifically at wearables, IoT, and other small embedded applications that require OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics. The silicon for the GPU takes up just 0.55 mm2 (post layout) on a 28nm manufacturing process. According to Imagination that makes it the smallest OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU capable of running Android and Android Wear.