Internet of things: Integrate Arduino with Yahoo! using Temboo

This post is an IoT example for Arduino platform.
Things simply can connect Yahoo Weather Station with Ethernet Shield by using Temboo which is an cloud-based code generation platform.

One great platform, that is very useful, to build great IoT project is Temboo. To explore the powerful features of Temboo, we will connect Arduino with Ethernet shield to Yahoo! Weather information, using this information Arduino controls an RGB led changing its color. – See more at:

Source: Internet of things: Integrate Arduino with Yahoo! using Temboo

[WIZwiki_W7500ECO] HTTPClient with JSON parser

JSON is easy for machines to parse and generate which is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language. Currently many Web Services allow to access data in JSON format. However, JSON parser is too big for low-end device as like a ARMmbed platform which has limited-resource. This post shows how to use HTTPClient parse Json data in ARMmbed platform.

Preparation materials

  1. Software

* JSON Parser: MbedJSONValue libs
* Ethernet Networking : WIZnetInterface
* HTTP Server with JSON : Fraka6 Blog – No Free Lunch: The simplest python server example😉
2. Hardware
* WIZwiki-W7500ECONET: WIZwiki-W7500 + ECO Shield Ethernet

Simplest python JSON server on PC

def run(port=8000): #set port

print('http server is starting...')
#ip and port of server
#server_address = ('', port)
server_address = ('', port)#set port
httpd = HTTPServer(server_address, Handler)
print('http server is running...listening on port %s' %port)
  • Modify JSON form in do_GET handler
#handle GET command
def do_GET(self):
if format == 'html':
self.send_header("Content-type", "text/plain")
elif format == 'json':
self.request.sendall(json.dumps({'name':'John snow', 'age': 30, 'gender':'male'}))
self.request.sendall("%s\t%s" %('path', self.path))


// Enter a MAC address for your controller below.
uint8_t mac_addr[6] = {0x00, 0x08, 0xDC, 0x00, 0x01, 0x02};

printf("initializing Ethernet\r\n");
// initializing MAC address
eth.init(mac_addr, "", "", "");

// Check Ethenret Link
if( == true) printf("- Ethernet PHY Link-Done \r\n");
else printf("- Ethernet PHY Link- Fail\r\n");

// Start Ethernet connecting: Trying to get an IP address using DHCP
if (eth.connect() 0) {
http_rx_msg[returnCode] = '\0';
printf("Received %d chars from server:\n\r%s\n", returnCode, http_rx_msg);
  • Do JSON parse
parse(parser, http_rx_msg);
  • Output the parsed data
// parsing "string" in string type
printf("name =%s\r\n" , parser["name"].get().c_str());
// parsing "age" in integer type
printf("age =%d\r\n" , parser["age"].get());
// parsing "gender" in string type
printf("gender =%s\r\n" , parser["gender"].get().c_str());

Demo. HTTPClient with JSON parser

  1. Network config.
  2. Confirm Received JSON data
  3. Print-out the pasing data

Packet Capture

  1. TCP-Connection
  2. Target board sends GET Form to simple python JSON server
  3. simple python JSON server sends JSON data to Target board