Spark Introduces the Photon, A Wi-fi Microcontroller for $19 | MAKE

spark wifi module

Spark Introduces the Photon, A Wi-fi Microcontroller for $19 | MAKE.

Spark has improved and expanded their product line with the Photon wi-fi development board and a pair of new wireless modules for custom circuit boards. The Photon improves on the popular Spark Core microcontroller by adding 802.11n wi-fi connectivity, SoftAP for provisioning, more memory, and a faster ARM Cortex M3 processor. Like the Core, it sits right into a standard breadboard for easy prototyping. And best of all, it can be had for $19.

Spark expects to start shipping the Photon in March 2015


LeoFi is a Wi-Fi-enabled, Leonardo-compatible board | Bits & Pieces from the Embedded Design World


LeoFi is a Wi-Fi-enabled, Leonardo-compatible board | Bits & Pieces from the Embedded Design World.

Developed by the Sweet Pea team, LeoFi is an Arduino-compatible board with an integrated Wi-Fi module.

LeoFi board is built an ATmega32u4MCU and the CC3300 module with the onboard WiFi chip.
TI CC3300 module is an wireless network processor which supports IEEE 802.11 b/g and Embedded IPv4 TCP/IP stack.

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VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi | Indiegogo

VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi | Indiegogo.VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi | Indiegogo

What can You DO with VoCore?

1. Wireless a USB device such as printer, scanner,  hard disk, camera and etc.

2. A remote control robot with camera.

3. A portable VPN router.

4. A wireless speaker.

5. A offline downloader.

6. WIFI -> TTL(or Serial Port) to control Arduino remotely.

Video: Atmel showcases the WINC1500 wireless module at ARM TechCon

  • WINC1500 wireless module
    *The Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 is powered by Atmel’s wireless network controller, part of the Atmel SmartConnect family. It also includes the ATECC108 device, from the CryptoAuthentication family, which allows users to easily incorporate hardware authentication capability in their design.

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Back in September, Atmel expanded its leading SmartConnect wireless portfolio with four new turnkey system-on-chips (SoCs), including the WINC1500. The recently-unveiled WINC1500 is an IEEE 802.11b/g/n network controller optimized for battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


The WINC1500 is an ideal add-on to existing MCU solutions bringing Wi-Fi and network capabilities through UART or SPI-to-WiFi interface, and connects to any Atmel AVR or Atmel  | SMART MCU with minimal resource requirements. As a result, the SoC enables Makers and engineers to bring connectivity to any embedded design, ranging from consumer to industrial apps.

As Hackaday’s Adam Fabio recently noted, “The WINC1500 is a nifty little Wi-Fi module in its own right… 72Mbps may not sound like much by today’s standards, but it’s plenty fast for most embedded applications. WINC handles all the heavy lifting of the wireless connection.”

The WINC1500’s most advanced mode is a single stream 1×1 802.11n mode…

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WiDo – Open Source IoT Node (Arduino Compatible)


WiDo – Open Source IoT Node (Arduino Compatible).

  • Power Supply range: 5v or 7-12v
  • Arduino Leonardo Compatible
  • Integrate with WG1300 WIFI chip and support 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g network
  • WIFi and MicroSD driven by SPI port
  • On board 2.4G PCB Antenna
  • Driver pins
  • WIFI Module-D7(IRQ),D5(VBAT),D10(CS),D14(MISO),D15(SCK),D16(MOSI)
  • MicroSD-D4(CS),D14(MISO),D15(SCK),D16(MOSI)
  • User friendly Reset button
  • Dimension:72 cm x 55 cm