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what is fritzing ? []

Create my part @frizing

Reference : []

  • preparation materials
  • 2D Tool : be able to support a file type of ‘*.svg’ as like Inkscape []
  • Download and Install : fritzing version upto 0.7.x (verion 0.7.2 is used.)
  • Download font and tmeplates : []
  • Hardware demension : as like
    WIZ550io Demension
  • Hardware Pin : as like
    WIZ550io Pins

  • Do it

  • Draw grahpics and save file type of ‘*.svg’
  • for Breadboard View : Refer to BreadboardViewGraphic_Template on “FontsAndTempllates/Templates”
    WIZ550io Breadboard View
  • for Schemetic View : Refer to PCBViewGraphic_Template on “FontsAndTempllates/Templates”
    WIZ550io Schemetic View
  • for PCB View : Refer to SchemeticViewGraphic_Template on “FontsAndTempllates/Templates”
    WIZ550io Breadboard View
  • Use fonts in “FontsAndTempllates/Fonts”; DroidSans, OCR A

  • Creat a New Part

  • open the Fritzing application and Part > Create a New part
  • load images in each tab; Breadbaord(left), Schemetic(middle) and PCB(right)
    Create a New part
  • input metadata information in metadata tab; Title, data, Author, Descriptoin, Label…
  • add connectors and set connector of type, name and desciption in connectors tab
    set connectors tab

  • Save

  • Load New part

  • open Frizting application
  • Click part>load in menu bar
  • load pre-make “*.fzpz”
  • enjoy your project
    Arduino WIZ550io on Fritzing

WIZ550io.fzpz Link
I ~~will upload~~ have uploaded WIZ550io.fzpz on gitHub and attch link.