Distributed Framework for Home Automation and Internet of Things

What’s Souliss?

It’s an open source framework which runs over multiple platfoms crossing different the phy layer, as like WiFi, Wireless, and ethernet.

Souliss can not only control and monitor your networked objects, but also share datas and have the trigger-based action from the shared data.

Platform for Souliss

  • Supports Hardware Platform
    • Arduino Boards
    • KMTronic DINo
    • Olimex AVR / OLIMEXINO boards
    • AirQ Network Boards
  • Tranceiver
    • AT86RF230
    • Nordic nRF24L01 and RF24L01+
    • WIZnet W5100 / W5200/ W5500
    • Micodhip ENC28J60

Souliss’s Materials