Distributed Framework for Home Automation and Internet of Things

What’s Souliss?

It’s an open source framework which runs over multiple platfoms crossing different the phy layer, as like WiFi, Wireless, and ethernet.

Souliss can not only control and monitor your networked objects, but also share datas and have the trigger-based action from the shared data.

Platform for Souliss

  • Supports Hardware Platform
  • Arduino Boards
  • KMTronic DINo
  • Olimex AVR / OLIMEXINO boards
  • AirQ Network Boards

  • Tranceiver

  • AT86RF230
  • Nordic nRF24L01 and RF24L01+
  • WIZnet W5100 / W5200/ W5500
  • Micodhip ENC28J60

Souliss’s Materials


List of Cloud Service appications for Openhardware

There are so many cloud-based service platform for Internet of Things.
The platform which is cobined by “Arduino + Ethernet shied” is chosen as their reference end-node device. So, I found the list cloud platform which uses Ethernet shield for their device.

#Cloud Service는 이제 Smart phone으로 대표되는 Smart Device만의 전유물리 아닌 #IoT의 화두가 되었습니다.

Xively가 처음 보여주었던 #Visualization은 물론이고 이제는 #Log, #Trigger, #Alert까지 그 기능이 확대되고 있습니다.

쉽게 말씀드리면, IoT Device가 보내온 데이터를 수신한 Cloud Server는 그 데이터를 수신하여 그 데이터를 기반으로 (log) 임의의 설정 값과 비교하여 설정값에서 (Trigger) Twitter같은 SNS와 연동하여 개인에게 메시지를 (Alert)를 보내고 있습니다. 한마디로 IoT / SNS / Cloud 의 장벽이 모호해지고 있습니다.

아래에 리스트된 Could Service업체들은 Arduino Platform이 IoT Device에 가능하면서 Ethernet혹은 WiFi를 가진 업체들입니다. 아래의 업체들도 지원하겠지만, 3G/BLE/Zigbee등을 지원하는 업체까지 포함하면 더욱 많은 업체들이 있습니다.

친근하게 접할 수 있는 OpenHardware Platform인 Arduino에서 Ethernet Shield에 적용한 업체들의 Blog/Github/Website/Forum을 살펴보았습니다.

리스트업해보니 Cloud Service의 IoT Node가 갖추어야할 요소기술 (Restful, CoAP, MQTT, IFHTTP, PHTTP…)에 대해서도 살펴봐야겠습니다.

Ethernet Shield
Carriots Forum
WiFi : CC3000 설명이 제세하네요
Ethernet Shield
Nimbits Blog
Nimbits Github

-evrythng :


-grovestreams :

Ethernet Shield
Grovestreams web

-Lelylan :

Ethernet Shield
Ethernet Shield
Ethernet Shield (SEEED Ethernet Shield (v1.0 or v2.0))
Axeda web
Ethernet Shield
Ethernet Shield
IBM web
Ethernet Shield

Telefónica launches Lego-like blocks for the Internet of Things

최근 IoT의 동향을 잘 보여주는 동영상 한편! #IoT에 많은 트렌드가 있겠지만 #Cloud 친화적이 제일 끌린다. 서비스의 이해도 쉽고

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Telefónica has launched what it describes as the first Internet of Things (IoT) product enabling consumers to connect just about any device wirelessly to the web. The new product, dubbed ‘Thinking Things,’ is a simple plug-and-play solution based on Lego-like modules with 2G connectivity that allow Makers to develop their own smart solutions without any programming know-how or having to install an additional infrastructure.

The first Thinking Things pack to be marketed by the company is an ambient kit pack, a set of modules that enables users to remotely monitor in real-time the temperature, humidity and light intensity of a given place, and to program automated tasks. According to the company, an additional host of modules such as presence, pressure, humidity and temperature sensors, impact meters, audio and LED notifications, and timers can be added as well.

Telefónica specified that the modules can be pieced together by simply fitting them on top…

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