What is Hauntbox

The HAUNTBOX is a open source platform which is configured by web browser for haund and some projects.

“It is a system of parts. Sensors and outputs plug into your Hauntbox and it plugs into your network. You tell it what do by using your browser on your computer, iPad or smartphone on your home network with our simple visual interface.”

The Hauntbox supports up to 6 intput and outputs and set what voltate they run and their trigger time.
It controls inputs and outputs with no programming, because of configuring them by the web-based.
setting page
Please, refer to this web-page for more details.


Haundbox’ Specs include:
* 256 KB of flash
* 8 KB SRAM (~4.8 KB free with firmware)
* 7-12V input voltage
* 5/12/24V output options depending on power supply
* Supplies up to 300mA per output (open collector)
* W5100 Ethernet controller (works seamlessly with official Arduino libraries)microSD card slot
* FTDI header pins for firmware hacking/updating
* Easy to use screw terminals accepting up to 18 gauge wire
* Unused header pins for easy expansion via Arduino shields or proto-boards
* LEDs indicating I/O status
* Motion sensor (additional/optional)
* Audio module (additional/optional)


Github : https://github.com/Aylr/theHB

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