AT Commands for Serial-to-Ethernet, WIZ107SR

WIZ107SR is a gateway module that converts serial protocol (RS-232) into TCP/IP protocol by using W7100A.

WIZ107SR Link (More detail)

## Simple Commands for WIZ107SR AT_COMMAND

  • Setting for TCP Server
    //after Network Config.
    LP5000\r\n    //Set Local port '5000'
    OP1\r\n    //Set TCP Server mode
    SV\r\n    //Save Setting
    RT\r\n    //Reboot
  • Setting for TCP Client
    //after Network Config.
    LP5000\r\n    //Set Local port '5000'
    RP3000\r\n    //Set TCP server port '3000'
    RH192.168.10.100\r\n    //Set TCP server IP ''
    OP0\r\n    //Set TCP Client mode
    SV\r\n    //Save Setting
    RT\r\n    //Reboot
  • Setting for UDP 
    LP5000\r\n    //Set Local port '5000'
    RP3000\r\n    //Set UDP Port '3000'
    RH192.168.10.100\r\n    //Set UDP Peer IP ''
    OP3\r\n    //Set UDP mode
    SV\r\n    //Save Setting
    RT\r\n    //Reboot

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